Cash Game Festival gets Wired for May giving players an opportunity to win a poker holiday in Tallinn through play at the virtual felt.

The Cash Game Festival in Tallinn will run from June 12th – 16th at the Olympic Park Casino and will offer 24/7 cash games throughout. In addition, the festival will be spiced up with fine dining, fierce partying and several other activities that introduce local sights and culture. The ultimate poker holiday to be won by players this May.

How to Win
1. Play Texas Hold'em and/or Omaha a minimum of 1,000 hands (place a bet or post a blind) at stakes €0.05/€0.10 or above during each leaderboard phase to qualify for a place on that leaderboard
2. Leaderboard position is based on profit. Leaderboard points are awarded for big blind increments won at each eligible stake level. For example:

  • If a player is in profit by €5 at stakes €0.50/€1 during the leaderboard phase, they will be awarded 5 leaderboard points
  • If a player is in profit by €2.50 at stakes €0.05/€0.10 during the leaderboard phase, they will be awarded 25 leaderboard points
  • If a player won €1,000 at €10/€20 it’s the same points as winning €10 at €0.10/€0.20.

3. The top 5 players on each leaderboard will each win a Cash Game Festival Tallinn package worth over €1,500

  • Leaderboard #1: Thursday May 9th – Monday May 13th (5 days)
  • Leaderboard #2: Friday May 17th – Monday May 20th (4 days)
  • Leaderboard #3: Saturday May 25th – Monday May 27th (3 days)
Click HERE to view the Leaderboard.

Run Bad All In or Fold Freeroll

Sometimes you can’t control short-term variance. If you have an unlucky session and find yourself in negative points on any leaderboard, having played 250 hands or more at stakes €0.05/€0.10 or above, you will qualify for an All In or Fold freeroll on the following Thursday with one Cash Game Festival package and €1,000 in cash prizes to be won.

In total 18 packages to be won!

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