The most consecutive lost game rounds WIN!

It's all upside down this time!

Play qualifying games and participate in the Upside Down Tournament
The one, who gets most lost rounds in a row, WINS 1000€!

Your points is a number of consecutive rounds, that were lost in one game session.
Lost round means, that win amount from this round was less than stake.

TOP 10 players will get cash prizes:
1 Place - 1000€
2 Place - 500€
3 Place - 200€
4-10th places - 10€


 Congratulations to our winners of Upside Down Tournament!
Prizes will be added to winners account today by 15:00.
Winners will be also notified by e-mail (if e-mail communication type is allowed).

Place Player Score
1 V.B. 91
2 T.A. 73
3 M.H. 67
4 A.V. 64
5 I.K. 63
6 O.T. 60
7 M.B. 59
8 J.S. 59
9 K.K. 59
10 A.J. 58

Last updated 25.05.2020 at 14:00

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