The OlyBet poker room now offers the opportunity to create a private tournament
to play poker with friends or colleagues without leaving the comfort of your home. You choose the time, buy-in, and format. In addition to a fun joint event, the tournament creator also earns a bonus.

Hold at least one private tournament every month and earn bonus money per the number of unique players participating. Organizing a private tournament with a buy-in of at least $5 will earn you a bonus of one tournament dollar per player! You can only earn the bonus once per calendar month.

For example, by creating an $11 buy-in private tournament with 43 unique entrants, you will earn $43 in tournament dollars credited to your OlyBet poker account. You can use tournament dollars to buy-in to freely chosen tournaments (including Spin and Gold). The earned bonus will be added to your account within one working day after the tournament takes place.

It is also possible to organize a private tournament without paying for a buy-in (freeroll), in which case OlyBet will offer additional prizes to the participants.

To order a tournament, please fill in the registration form below.
When filling in the form, the boxes without an asterisk can be left blank and we will find the most suitable solution ourselves.
You will find your private tournament in the poker software within one business day of ordering it.

NB! Private tournaments can not be scheduled to take place from 16:00 until 21:00 and on Sundays.